Safety and cyber security in the digital era



Trends in adult training show the need for fewer days of training and optimization of the resources used in training. To date, HBN and Diciannovesettanta organize and conduct mainly face-to-face training for adults. They require renting halls, paying teachers’ fees, organizing the inclusion of those who wish and investing financial and human resources. We would like to optimize and modernize the process, while strengthening the capacity of companies and creating fruitful international partnerships. Forming the idea of planning project activities we proceeded from the specific needs of organizations and learners: developing digital skills for adults with practical application of the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/679 on personal data protection, national legislation in both countries and modernization of the trainings provided so far (such as methods and content). The planning of this project aims to generate positive and lasting impacts on the participating partner organizations, on the specific persons involved in its implementation and in particular:

Developing and strengthening the capacity of partner organizations in the field of adult learning to acquire digital skills with a focus on the protection of personal data when working online and information cyber security Improving the quality of the offered trainings for each of the partner organizations Establishment of international partnerships for exchange of good practices and models in adult education

Encouraging older people in different European countries to be actively involved in training

Application of modern ICT technologies in the educational process

Development of valuable training content on current and important topics for all EU member states.

The topic of cyber security and personal data protection is becoming increasingly relevant in times of epidemic, in which the majority of the population studies, works, shops, does business online and much of people’s time is devoted to online presence. Additional data how important is the topic with cyber security and informational protection is attached to the project proposal.