According to the European Commission over 60% of current jobs in the labor market will not exist within 20 years. The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the process of transformation of professions. Dynamics in all sectors of the economy are incorporated very slowly by training and educational institutions. People seeking qualification or retraining must be objectively informed so they can make the right choice for their professional future. There is a shortage of concentrated information on new occupations by sectors in the medium term, as well as on new competencies important for them. We plan to develop a digital compass for the professions and the skills they need. Through it, each of the partners will be able to evaluate the available trainings and expand the offered specialized services such as counselling, motivation, career guidance and vocational orientation. Project goals:

  • Participants to get acquainted with new trends in jobs in various sectors of the economy and their inherent skills
  • To develop a tool with which candidates can look ahead to the future, assess how their chosen profession is changing and assess its prospects
  • To update the offered curricula
  • To define the possibilities for applying the micro-credentials approach for revision of the existing courses
  • To improve the skills of the participants from the partner organizations to study and process important information about the dynamics of the labor market and skills
  • To support European citizens to realize the need for informed career management
    As a result of the project a platform with data for selected sectors of the economy, new professions in them and the necessary skills for their practice will be created. Within the framework of the established partnership, experiences from different European countries will be exchanged, meetings and trainings will be organized, as well as events to promote the
    results of the project in each of the countries.