Design Of Green Dual VET Opportunities



The transforming labor market draws attention to the need for retraining regardless of previous work experience and education. Today, more and more people with creative and technical skills are interested in qualifications in the field of audio-visual arts and the creation of media products. Graphic design and internet applications are interesting both for young people at the beginning of their careers and for students of all ages. Combined with in-depth knowledge in the IT field, they can open wide horizons for realization today, when more than ever the Internet-based business needs impactful visual communication. The dual form of education is becoming more and more popular as a form of education and not only in the school system. It allows for a combination of practical and theoretical training with an emphasis on real-world practice. It is for this type of training that we developed the current project idea. We saw this as a great opportunity to upgrade the training function in our company. At the moment our trainings in the mentioned areas (graphic design and internet applications) are mainly for interns who we hire for internships, as well as for the staff of the companies in which we install products developed by us. That is why we decided that with the establishment of an international partnership we will exchange good practices in vocational training and will also improve our trainings. The Bulgarian organization has experience in theory, and we will be most useful with guidance, advice and exchange for practice. The Lithuanian partner will contribute with the experience in
developing a curriculum and training program. The concept of our project is through the small partnership to prepare modern training programs for dual training in the professions of Graphic Design and Internet applications, to prepare trainers in partner organizations to implement them, as well as to launch trial training in different countries. The planned partnership aims 1.) to upgrade the capacity of partner organizations to organize and conduct a new form of training – dual through the application of the micro-credentials approach 2.) to test new curricula in each country according to the specifics 3) to organize joint initiatives between the organizations, aimed at promoting and motivating for inclusion in a dual form of training in green professions. 4) to develop ICT training tool The planned project activities are aimed at focusing on retraining opportunities and the importance of the dual form of education for people, society, the labor market and the economy as a whole. In the months of a serious negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on European economies, effectively organized, conducted and promoted dual training can help support the promotion of lifelong learning. The partner organizations have relevant and diverse experience and have an expert team to work actively to achieve high
quality project results.